Agnieszka Kłopotowska, PhD Eng. Arch.

LAB 60+ Expert

A graduate at the Faculty of Architecture, Białystok University of Technology, Master’s thesis: Młodzieżowe Centrum Kultury „Pod Amfiteatrem”, (eng. A Youth Cultural Centre “Under the Amphitheater”), under the guidance of G. Dabrowska – Milewska, PhD Eng. Arch. (The Award of the President of Białystok for the Best Diploma of the Year, 1996). In 2006 she defended her Doctoral thesis entitled: Osiedle Strzeżone – nowy model zamieszkiwania, (eng. A Guarded Housing Estate – a New Model of Living) prepared under the guidance of Maria Misiągiewicz, PhD DSc. Eng. Arch. (the Main Prize of the Minister of Construction and Transportation for the Best Doctoral Thesis).

An author of public and residential buildings and interior design (a co-owner of the studio MK-Projekt). She works as a lecturer at the Białystok Univeristy of Technology and Lublin University of Technology. A supervisor of engineering and master’s theses, which are award-winning in the country and abroad (in the following competitions like: SARP Diploma of the Year, Concrete Architecture, BDA – SARP, Frate Sole, Light and Interior, International Students Competition Design Turintogreen).

Since 2005 she has conducted research related to the issues of multi-sensory receiving and composing of architectural space (editing of a scientific monograph entitled: Dźwięki architektury, (eng. The Sounds of Architecture) and in particular the potential use of relationship with space as an active ingredient of rehabilitation for blind and visually impaired (research trips to Ancona, Madrid, Rome, Milan; numerous scientific articles; supervising of theses devoted to this subject; a monograph entitled: Doświadczanie przestrzeni w rehabilitacji osób z dysfunkcją wzroku, (eng. Experience of Space in the Rehabilitation of the Visually Impaired) – in preparation.)

2 April 2018