Guidelines for the project and interior design of the Rehabilitation and Care Center in Wroclaw

Experts of the Laboratory Architecture 60+ have developed guidelines for the analysis of documentation of the executive design and interiors of the Rehabilitation and Care Center with medical and nursing care for the elderly and the disabled in Wroclaw.

The subject of the study was the analysis of the land development project of the Rehabilitation and Care Center, the adopted functional and spatial program of the facility and the development of guidelines for solutions in the field of interior design.

The guidelines included only rooms or zones for patients or residents. The space is supporterd bythe design of the institutional care facilities and what is more, the dysfunctions of the elderly are taken into account.
The following assumptions were made in the study:
• using the assumptions of universal design, taking into account different types of disabilities,
• using the assumptions of shaping the therapeutic environment (healing environment), through which it is possible to meet the functional needs of older people; this is important not only for supporting the healing process or for improving the conditions of care, but also for the work of staff, applying solutions supporting the functioning of people with dementia syndromes,
• moving away from institutionalization of the facility to creating a cozy interior climate and smaller functional teams, which reduces environmental stress of the elderly. It is consistent with the concept of the role of the patient as a subject in institutional care facilities.

Anna Szewczenko, PhD, Eng. Arch.
Iwona Benek, PhD, Eng. Arch.
Agnieszka Labus, PhD, Eng. Arch.

6 June 2018