Competitions and Workshops

Design workshops ‘Moto-sensory Path’ – Cracow

Representative of Laboratory of Architecture 60+ - Iwona Benek as a tutor had the opportunity to take part in the student workshop ‘Moto-sensory Path’ under the patronage of the Faculty of Architecture (the Cracow University of Technology), which were organized by the scientific circle of Sustainable Design. Czytaj więcej

Educational project and the ‘Śląskie Przysiadki’ competition – Gliwice, Silesian University of Technology

The Faculty of Architecture at the Silesian University of Technology has started a new educational project and student competition ‘ŚLĄSKIE PRZYSIADKI’, in which the Laboratory of Architecture is a co-organizer. Czytaj więcej

Testing solutions in the ‘old age suit’ – Gliwice, Katowice

The Laboratory of Architecture 60+ carried out two meetings aimed at being aware of the spatial barriers in our surroundings, thanks to the support of HEWI Heinrich Wilke GmbH, which provides the meeting with the ‘old age suit’. Czytaj więcej

GenderSTE – Gliwice, Silesian University of Technolog

    At the Faculty of Architecture (the Silesian University of Technology) were held international workshops as part of a 4-year European gender project funded by the COST network. This is the last workshop under the genderSTE project, and the first in Poland. Czytaj więcej

Contest ‘Millennials Senility. City 2060’

The competition for students of design and architectural faculties from all over Poland was organized by the Laboratory of Architecture 60+ in cooperation with the Faculty of Architecture, the Silesian University of Technology. Czytaj więcej

Workshops ‘Methods of Testing the Quality of Buildings and Urban Spaces’ – Gliwice, Silesian University of Technology

The workshops initiating cooperation between the Faculty of Architecture of the Silesian University of Technology and the Foundation Laboratory of Architecture 60+ in the field of didactic activities. The partners of this event were also the University of the Third Age in Gliwice and the Student Scientific Circle LAB 60+. Czytaj więcej