Prof. Adam Bartoszek, PhD DSc.

Institute of Sociology, University of Silesia in Katowice

A Professor at the University of Silesia. He defended Master’s thesis in 1981 at the Institute of Sociology at the University of Silesia. He achieved his Doctoral thesis entitled: Stworzenie osobowości społecznej zarys teorii osobowości społecznych (eng. Social Creation of Personality an Outline of Social Theories of Personality) at the University of Silesia, the Faculty of Social Science in 1989 under the guidance of prof. Władysław Jacher, PhD DSc. His postdoctoral dissertation entitled: Social and Cultural Capital of the Young Intelligentsia and the Demands Towards the Market was defended at the University of Silesia in 2003.

Prof. Adam Bartoszek was a leader in many projects, for instance: Architects and Sociologists subproject in PolSenior in 2007-2010 (, Prosumer Society – Prosumer Power Engineering in 2015-2016 ( In addition, he held a leadership role in the MNiSW grant The activation and the decline of the human capital in the local environment. – educational and professional mobility for the quality of life in peripheral cities (2008-2010), as well as the grant of the EU Diagnosis of social issues and the monitoring of the politics for activation of the human resources in Katowice (2011-2012).

Prof. Adam Bartoszek is a Member in the Polish Sociological Association, the Polish Gerontology Association, Polish Academy of Science Department in Katowice and the Committee For Study About Future The Upper Silesia Region and the Scientific Committee dealing with the future of the Upper Silesia region. He is interested in sociology of the organization and the management, the theory of the social structures, sociology of the social capital and the social personality. He is also engaged in the theory of market research and public opinion polling and survey’s research methodology.

2 April 2018