The Settlement and functioning program of the Multigeneration House in Lodz



On the 21st of June, we launched a pilot project about the development of settlement and functioning program of the Multigeneration House in Lodz, for the Lodz City Hall. The project consists of 7 tasks and will be implemented by experts of the Laboratory of Architecture 60+ until November 2018.

The subject of the project is the provision of expert consultancy services in the field of developing the settlement and functioning program of the Multigeneration House as part of a pilot project in the field of revitalization called “Development of a model for urban area revitalization in a selected area in the City of Lodz – stage 2” (project co-financed from the Cohesion Fund under the Operational Program Technical Assistance 2014-2020). This applies to, among others:

– development of model rules for settlement of real estates and rules of functioning
residents of the Multigeneration House,
– proposing changes to the applicable provisions of local law in Lodz,
enabling the embedding of the multi-generation house settlement model
in resolutions regulating the housing policy of Lodz,
– verification of the need for changes and proposing possible changes to existing ones
provisions of the local law of Lodz, enabling the implementation of the
Multigenerational House Model with the participation of all stakeholders, whose tasks will be
specified in the model.

The consultations will allow our experts to conduct the analysis of the local environment, a sociological review
structures of the inhabitants of Łódź with representatives of social groups to whom the MultiGenerational House is dedicated to.
On this basis, a description of the needs and social and housing resources recommended by the Contractor of recipient groups will be made.

22 June 2018