The Settlement and functioning program of the Multigenerational House in Lodz – Task 1 of 7

We have just completed the task 1 of 7 as a part of the pilot project for the Multigenerational House in Lodz implementation commissioned by the City of Lodz Office, regarding the review of foreign practices concerning the organization of local communities, building contacts, neighborhood bonds, social mix and cohousing. 

As part of the study, we discussed solutions (including the principles of organizing the local community, commercial and financial models, architectural solutions, legal forms) used in Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Austria and the United States and Italy.

Interdisciplinary cooperation was possible thanks to the authors of the report: Iwona Benek, Michał Chmielewski, Monika Daab, Agnieszka Labus, Agata Miśkowiec, Ewa Rogalska. Project “Provision of expert consultancy services in the field of developing a settlement program and the functioning of the Multigenerational House” as part of the project ” Development of a model for urban regeneration in a selected area in the City of Lodz- stage 2 “- co-financed from the Cohesion Fund under the Operational Program Technical Assistance 2014-2020

16 July 2018