LAB 60+ contents partner of the Master Senior Apartments, Wrzeciono 2/71 Street, Warsaw, Poland

LAB 60+ is contents partner of Master Senior Apartments which is the first that type in Poland. Apartment is located at Wrzeciono 2 Street in Warsaw. The apartment has been designed and founder by couple of architects: dr Agnieszka Cieśla (Expert in LAB 60+) and dr Jan Cieśla, according to the guidelines of the association "Integration" in Poland and German norms and standards, without architectural barriers, supporting healthy, active and independent aging.

The apartment acts as showroom for products and services dedicated to older people, and it is also a training facility and a place of events around the "silver revolution". The aim of the Master Senior Apartment is to show the interior design solutions, equipment, products and services that enable older people to remain independent as long as possible and not use institutional care. This is consistent with the latest trends of care for the elderly, whose participation in the European societies, including Poland, increases.

The apartment will be available for a period of two years, for visitors, but also to various entities conducting their own training activities, to educate and sensitize the various stakeholders on a well-designed, friendly living space for elderly.

This initiative bearing the slogan "at home in spite of the age" is a grassroots initiative emerging thanks to the commitment and cooperation of manufacturers, service providers and institutions public. Master Senior Apartments is the Senior Partner of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing.

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