Contest ‘Millennials Senility. City 2060’ Contest ‘Millennials Senility. City 2060’

Contest ‘Millennials Senility. City 2060’

The competition for students of design and architectural faculties from all over Poland was organized by the Laboratory of Architecture 60+ in cooperation with the Faculty of Architecture, the Silesian University of Technology.
Its main goals are to draw the attention of young people to the problem of an aging society, to encourage them to reflect on their old age, and to receive in the form of projects solutions that improve the quality of older people’s living. The organizers of the competition hope that the students will come up with innovative, senior-friendly solutions, based on their own needs. The venture was accompanied by meetings and lectures – open to all interested listeners, not only for participants of the competition. Young people were able to learn in a very accessible way, how to design for an aging society, what are good and bad examples, and how space should respond to these needs. A series of lectures took place at the Silesian University of Technology.
Lectures part 1: (4th January 2017) Presentation about the initiator and co-organizer of the competition – the Laboratory of Architecture 60+ and Agnieszka Labus, PhD Eng. Arch. and a presentation about conducted research on the preferences of architecture faculty students in relation to senior homes in the future – Joanna Tymkiewicz, PhD DSc. Eng. Arch.
Lectures part 2: (11th January 2017) Design principles for an aging society – Iwona Benek, PhD Eng. Arch.
Lecture part 3: (18th January 2017) Examples of projects with a perspective of 60+, friendly to an aging society – Anna Szewczenko, PhD Eng. Arch.
The results of the competition: 25th February 2017
The jury’s sessions were attended by:
– Klaudiusz Fross, PhD DSc. Eng. Arch., Dean of the Faculty of Architecture, Silesian University of Technology;
– Agnieszka Labus, PhD Eng. Arch., Founder and CEO of LAB 60+, Director of the Innovation Centre and Technology Transfer of the Silesian University of Technology;
– Michał Kozłowski, academic teacher at ASP Katowice, designer at CODE Design;
– Agata Twardoch, PhD Eng. Arch., academic teacher, designer at 44STO;
– Katarzyna Ujma-Wąsowicz, PhD DSc. Eng. Arch., academic teacher, designer, Chairwoman of the Association of Polish Town Planners, Department in Katowice;
– Sylwia Widzisz-Pronobis, MSc Eng. Arch., designer at PRONOBIS Studio, an expert at LAB 60+.
Among the submitted works, unfortunately, none were judged by the competition jury high enough to give first place in the competition. For young designers, it was difficult to empathize with the situation of older people in 2060 and to propose innovative future solutions.
Second place has been awarded for:
– Justyna Motyka for her work ‘Active Senior City’, who presented her idea for transformable city modules referring to the essential components of Millennials’ generation: sport, multimedia and social events. The module consists of a board with rails fixed in the floor, a roof supported on poles, a functional wall with a stand for bicycles, a small shop, public toilets, rotating chairs, information and advertising boards, individual and group gaming stations. Modules are to create a network of places that allow seniors to relax at short intervals during walking, running, cycling etc. and meeting near places of residence.
The third place was awarded ex aequo: Maciej Marszał and Marta Wróblewska for their work ‘Aniela 2060’ and Sonia Jarczyk and Marta Kamińska for the work ‘Katofura’.


25 February 2017