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LAB 60+ Goals and Actions

Lab60+ is a platform for exchanging knowledge, interesting projects, their commercialization and organization of inspiring events in issues of aging.

LAB60+is co-created by the best specialists in Poland, who deal with the senior spatial policy, from defining a vision for the area, the scale of the neighborhood, a housing estate, a building, an interior to products for everyday use.

LAB60+supports local authorities, developers, private investors, design offices, companies offering products that are friendly to the elderly, as well as all those who currently think about their adulthood.

The aim of LAB 60+ is:

  • Promoting and implementing activities for the senior spatial policy
  • Developing an area of cooperation between the different stakeholders, including through cooperation with universities, colleges, research institutions and other organizations
  • Scientific activity, scientific-technical, educational and training and promotion related to mainstreaming the needs of older people in the planning and implementation of spatial policy
11 March 2018