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We want cities where we age positively!

At LAB 60+ we believe that everyone has the right to live longer and healthier. We educate, advise and design cities, districts, buildings and products to put them on the path of friendliness and innovation, taking into account aspects such as health, economy, intergenerational relations, ecology and technology.
We care not only about our future but also about our children and grandchildren! Are you ready for longevity?

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We are people with passion and commitment to action.

People of different ages, professions, professional and life experience, for whom the topic of aging is not taboo. We go beyond standard thinking, break stereotypes, take on challenging and interdisciplinary projects with openness. We are aware of the need to give the word "aging" an updated meaning - we are not living and aging as we used to. It's time to update our thinking and our environments! Change it with us! Join the LAB 60+ Ambassadors.

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We are implementing a new look at the topic of aging towards longevity!

We work by implementing a different perspective on the topic of aging in the area of 'longevity economy' than before. Our projects and activities are guided by the proprietary LAB 60+ CODE and methods that support us in making sustainable changes in our lifestyles - to live better now and always!



A new look at the present and the future.



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Laboratory Of Architecture 60+
LAB 60+

Adress: ul. Woźniaka 73/4, 41-902 Bytom
Telefon: +48 511 185 267