The Lens 60+ The Lens 60+

The Lens 60+

We want to see the world through the eyes of an elderly person.
The subject of the project is a prototype of the tool called Lens 60+, which is one of the components of the application supporting the architectural design process.
The second component is the “UD_Platform” tool that uses the virtual reality application. This tool supports and optimise architectural design.
These tools use the users’ presence in a virtual environment and their interaction with objects that fill this environment. This allows you to verify the applied solutions in terms of the principles of functional and ergonomic design for the elderly. The principle of this tool is the possibility of varianting environmental solutions in architectural or urban space, which affects the assessment and selection of optimal solutions.
The tool is to support design practice, so it is intended for designers, developers, investors and contractors in response to the increase in investment in the sector of care services and construction for the elderly. The tool not only supports the activities of professionals, but also educates users. It concerns the needs of people from different age groups.

The aim of the presentation is to interest VR and AR companies in the improvement of virtual reality glasses simulations in order to create a tool to support space design, including functional issues arising from functional and ergonomic analysis, user needs and preferences, as well as new operational concepts related to the aging of society.
The purpose of the cooperation is also to define the scope of the tool’s functionality and adapt it to the needs of the interested buyer, and what is more, to find a potential investor interested in the commercialization of a tool called the Lens 60+.
The tool is directed to the Polish and European market.
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21 April 2016