SFS 60+

SFS 60+ (Simulation Flat Surface 60+) is a simulation for virtual reality glasses (HTC Vive Samsung Gear VR), which presents the perspective of the elderly in the perception of different types of surfaces and their characteristics (colour, gloss, contrast, texture, safety – slip).
By applying appropriate overlays simulating physical dysfunctions of an elderly person (for example cataract), SFS 60+ enables reliable testing and evaluation at an early stage of the production of materials used on flat surfaces inside and outside buildings. The simulation gives the possibility of early elimination of errors, without incurring the costs of subsequent changes of the floors used in public spaces in the city or in the buildings. It also allows to identify problems in the designed world.
– The product is directed to the industry of building materials manufacturers for testing flat surface materials (for example before implementation).
– For architects and designers (verification of designed solutions, demonstration for the client)
– For students of Faculties of Architecture, Construction, etc. (education)
– Inspiration and idea: Joanna Tymkiewicz, PhD DSc. Eng. Arch.
– Development of the idea and coordination: Agnieszka Labus, PhD Eng. Arch.
– Performance: Wojtek Pander and Marek Petrykowski
– Organizational support: Agnieszka Szczepanik, Anna Gajowiec, Weronika Mehr, Magdalena Pawlus


6 December 2016