Warsaw Social District (WDS) Warsaw Social District (WDS)

Warsaw Social District (WDS)

Recently, as part of the cooperation, LAB60 + experts and BBGK architects have developed a master plan of the Warsaw Social District (WDS *).

Experts of the Laboratory of Architecture 60+ were responsible for the social part of the project.
Several design elements have already been developed, including:
– determination of the percentage share of the residents’ social mix;
– determination of the structure of apartments in relation to the mix of market segments;
– development of examples of protected, assisted housing, following the age;
– definition of basic services and common spaces;
– guidelines for the adaptation of existing buildings for social functions;
– consultation.

Authors (LAB60 +)

-Agnieszka Labus

-Iwona Benek

-Tomasz Duda,

-Władysława Kijewska

* Warsaw Social District is a housing offer addressed to all social groups, innovative forms of living, well-planned housing in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.

7 July 2019