Ewa Rogalska

Expert for social innovations

Head of Health and Social Care Department at PCG Polska (Public Consulting Group), project manager (PMI member), public sector consultant (at the government and local government level), auditor and trainer with many years of experience in research, analytical and training projects in the fields of education, health and social policy gained in the USA, Great Britain and Poland.

She specializes in issues related to senior policy, social research, certification of services and products for the elderly, building strategies and pre-implementation analyzes for projects in the area of health and social assistance.

Currently mostly involved in projects related to the implementation of innovative solutions for groups at risk of exclusion and marginalization (including the elderly and dependent people).


She attained education in the field of strategic management (Harvard University, USA), professional communication (Clark Univeristy, USA),international relations (University of Lodz, Poland), geriatrics and long-term care management (Jagiellonian University), and innovating solutions for aging populations (Copenhagen Business School).

31 January 2019