Professor Adam A. Zych, PhD DSc.

Professor at the University of Lower Silesia, Wrocław

A psychologist and an educator, a creator of the theory of development moderation (2004) and personal benefits in old age (2007). The main areas of scientific interests are: social gerontology, especially special geragogik and gerontological lexicography and psychology of personality, in particular psychological problems of philosophy, religion psychology and thanatopsychologic. He is a Member of the Scientific Councils of magazines Contemporary Gerontology, Social Contexts, Labor et Educatio, Pedagogy. Studies, discussions, openings, and the series Czech-Polish-Slovak studies in andragogy and social gerontology and Exlibris Library of Social Gerontology.

He was awarded the Knight’s Cross of Order of Polonia Restituta, The Commission of National Education Medal and the Medal of the City of Auschwitz. The Professor Adam A. Zych is a five-time winner of the individual prize of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, and distincions of the Minister of Family, Labour and Social Policy for innovative activity to disseminate knowledge about the aging of the Polish society, he also received the honorary title of Seniors’ Friend (2016).

Important impact publications: Człowiek wobec starości. Szkice z gerontologii społecznej [1995], (eng. A Human Toward Old Age. Sketches of social gerontology); Słownik gerontologii społecznej [2001], (eng. The Dictionary of Social Gerontology); The Living Situation of Elderly Americans of Polish Descent in Chicago [2005]; Lexicon of Gerontology [2007, secon edition in 2010]; Przekraczając „smugę cienia”. Szkice z gerontologii i tanatologii [2009, second edition in 2013], (eng. Crossing the ‘Shadow Line’. Sketches of Gerontology and Thanatology); Pomiędzy wiarą a zwątpieniem. Wprowadzenie do psychologii religii [2012], (eng. Between Faith and Doubt. Introduction to the Psychology of Religion); Młodość utracona, odkrywana starość. Eseje i szkice z gerontologii [in press, 2017], (eng. Lost Youth, Discovered Senility. Essays and Sketches of Gerontology.

2 April 2018