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of Architecture 60+


science, education and silver economy in space issues


fights with stereotypes of
old age - connects aging of society with modern technologies in search of different tools do test architectural and urban planning solutions through the prism of 60+ people needs


consciousness of future architects among others organization a cycle of lectures and a competition with the main think about old age living of Millennials generation in the city in 2060


among others architects - LAB 60+ is officialy entered in the Register of Training Institutions


specializes in designing "with a perspective of 60+", not only on an architectural scale, but also urban planning, interior design and items design/p>


for incorporating universal design, including "with a 60+ perspective" into the mainstream of spatial policy, including within the expertise developed

Space With Perspective 60+

What we do?

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Laboratory of Architecture 60+ is a first foundation in Poland and also a workshop which deals with innovative approach to planning and designing for aging society.

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Who we are?

LAB 60+ team consists of people in different ages, for which the subject of and age it's not a taboo, but the next step in lifecycle of a man.

Founder, CEO and Expert of LAB 60+
Agnieszka Labus, PhD Eng. Arch.

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Who we help?

In what scope
do we act?

In Laboratory of Architecture 60+ we work in wide range of competences, from the items of everyday use, to issues connected with the whole cities.

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How we act?

Cocreating! Using the co-designing method (joint design of assumptions) with the elderly and other stakeholders involved in the project, there is identified needs and diagnosis of elements that are unnecessary or constitute barriers in the urban environment in the scale of: city, district, building, interior. Thanks to this method, the boundaries between the "user" and "designer" are blurred, and thus the primacy of "experts" is rejected. It is one of the most modern methods used in urban renewal projects in many European countries.



Dissemination of the acquired knowledge through interviews, surveys, presentations, discussion panels, publications and organization of various types of training and coaching sessions.


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The expertise of architectural and urban projects carried out by LAB60 + always undertakes issues of adaptation to the needs of seniors. We accept the principle that every investment, at all stages of designing should be verified in terms of the needs of older people. Experts' opinions are enriched with photos, drawings, diagrams, etc., which allow easier and clearer reception of the project.



Evaluation and solution testing!
We try to monitor our projects and spatial solutions using various methods and techniques. The goal of this approach is to strive for improvement, development and a better understanding of the investment process in the context of the needs of an aging society at different spatial scales and at different stages of investment creation. In the case of buildings and interiors, we use the POE (Post Occupancy Evaluation) method, which allows us to examine the needs of users during the use of a certain space. The interdisciplinary team of LAB 60+, composed of sociologists, psychologists and architects, can meet various needs and research. We also use modern technologies to test solutions, eg in the form of a suit imitating old age, or our project - 60+ lens, simulation for virtual reality glasses that allows you to see a certain space through the eyes of an elderly person who, for example, suffers from cataracts. We also develop "checklists with a 60+ perspective", i.e. checklists, which serve to verify the implemented design solutions in various spatial scales. This method makes it possible to ensure that, for example, project guidelines for green areas, and then a revalorisation project for these areas, if possible, take into account the needs of older people as much as possible. The LAB 60+ Foundation develops criteria and design standards with a perspective of 60+.

Evaluation and solution testing

Testujemy rozwiązania

Evaluation and solution testing

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