"A city for 40-year-olds 20 years later", Warsaw

“A city for 40-year-olds 20 years later”, Warsaw

On May 22, CEO Agnieszka Labus presented lecture entitled “A city for 40-year-olds 20 years later”  in the Warsaw Pavilion of Architecture Zodiac

For those who were not a few photos, and a brief report from the lecture, which included:
– new trends and needs of an aging society, that no one wants to be lonely, dependent and dedicated to the “storage room” or old people’s home;
– an outdated design model for older people and stereotypical definition of their needs;
– Millennials ‘and Boomers’ needs and a paradigm shift about living with an “adopted family”, a co-living trend, or multi-generational houses for the 21st century and a social mix;
– senior and multigenerational assumptions – and the question was asked, in which forms would you like to live in your old age?
– a new approach to aging and design #NewAging and treating aging as a gift and the only opportunity for a lifetime, and at the same time a chance to renew cities;
– experimental projects and examples of architectural and urban solutions from the world taking into account the needs of an aging society, as well as pilot projects from Poland, in which we have the pleasure as LAB60+ to participate!

22 May 2019