LAB 60+ x GZM LAB 60+ x GZM

LAB 60+ x GZM

On November 29, courtesy of the cooperation with the Metropolis GZM, we had the opportunity to conduct the first workshops with representatives of various bodies, city offices, social centres, senior councils, NGOs, residents and residents as part of clarifying the challenges faced by GZM municipalities in the face of demographic changes.

Lab 60+ have been implementing a project to develop a concept for the renewal of GZM municipalities in the context of demographic changes (ageing of the society, migration) since the end of August.
The first workshop concerned the diagnosis of GZM communes about the types of communes (dynamic, stable, shrinking) in the context of demographic changes.
We also talked about the challenges faced by GZM cities in the face of the implementation of 8 areas from the concept of an age-friendly city according to WHO

We thank all participants of the workshops for their invaluable input and fruitful discussion!
We will share the results of the 1st stage of the project with you at the beginning of the next year. Now we would like to invite you to the next workshop, as part of the project implementation, in the next 2022!

29 November 2021