Prof. Elżbieta Niezabitowska, PhD DSc. Eng. Arch.

Professor Emeritus at the Faculty of Architecture, Silesian University of Technology

Prof. Elżbieta Niezabitowska, PhD DSc. Eng. Arch. was an employee at the Faculty of Architecture, Silesian University of Technology in the years 1973 – 2015. Over the period 2000-2014 she acted as a head of the Department of Design Strategies and New Technologies in Architecture. Her scientific output consists of more than 170 publications, including 10 compact publications. She is a co-author of the monograph entitled: Środowisko zamieszkania polskich seniorów w badaniach interdyscyplinarnych. Studia przypadków na wybranych przykładach z 2013 r., (eng. Living Environment of Polish Seniors in the Interdisciplinary Studies. Case Studies of the Selected Examples of 2013). An important publication made by Mrs. Professor for the development of science is the author’s academic handbook entitled: Metody i techniki badawcze w architekturze, (eng. Methods and Research Techniques in Architecture) – the first Polish textbook concering this subject.

Prof. Elżbieta Niezabitowska’s scientific passion is to assess the quality of architecture based on research POE (Post-Occupancy-Evaluation), she used it in her own research studies but also in scientific grants and doctoral theses because she was a thesis supervisor and an academic lecturer. Her works concern architectural objects, for instance: office buildings, hospitals, housing, universities, homes for the elderly, as well as the issue of an intelligent building and efficiency of energy. For a few years she has focused on the research relating to hospitals and nursing homes for the elderly.

Prof. Elżbieta Niezabitowska participated in eight internships abroad. She was a supervisor of four research grants, one of her own KBN. Moreover, she was a leader of the Polish-German European project financed by the Polish-German Foundation in favour of Science (2010-21). The project was accomplished in a collaboration with the Helmholtz Institute in Leipzig in 2011-2012. She also participated as a performer in six other national grants, the most important was participation in the interdisciplinary grant of the KBN PolSenior in the role of a co-contractor in architectural research.

2 April 2018