Marek Wysocki, PhD DSc. Eng. Arch.

A researcher at the Faculty of Architecture, the Gdańsk University of Technology

A researcher at the Faculty of Architecture (the Gdańsk University of Technology) since 1989. An architect, a Director of the Center for Universal Design, the first Polish research and development center implementing the objectives of the concept of universal design in the physical environment, products and services. An expert for the design of the space available for people with disabilities and the elderly. The author of more than 70 different publications concerning design for all and ecology and sustainable development, including the monograph Projektowanie otoczenia dla osób niewidomych. Pozawzrokowa percepcja przestrzeni (eng. The Environment Design for Blind People. Beside the Visual Perception of Space.)

The creator utility patterns concerning support of visually impaired people in public space including Touch-sensitive pictograms for escape routes. The auditor of accessibility of facilities and public spaces. The author of accessibility standards of public spaces for Gdansk City (2012) and Gdynia City (2013). He is the first ‘Access Officer’ in Poland, appointed to this position in 2014 by the local government of Gdynia City. The creator of the educational program Designing of Common Space since 2004 at the Faculty of Architecture, the Gdańsk University of Technology and in the cities of the Pomeranian Voivodeship. The initiator of the project Shared Space-Common Cause (2016) and the project workshops Universal design – how to live together, not next to each other (since 2014) – the aim is to change the quality of people’s lives with limited mobility and the perception of residential area and public spaces.

The Member of the Commission of Experts for Pepole with Disabilities by the Ombudsman. He is a collaborator of many non-governmental organizations working for people with disabilities. As the expert of ON Inclusion 14-20 Group he works to implement the concept of universal design in the framework of EU programs (EFSI). The Member of the Working Group of the National Smart Specialisation operating at the Ministry of Economy. An adherer of consistent implementation the records of the ONZ Convention according to the rights of people with disabilities into the Polish legal system.

For more than a decade he is a consistent promoter of the idea of ​​universal design – he was awarded the Gdynia without barriers Medal in 2013. The social worker, interested in the environment for people with disabilities. Among the group of his friends he has many who have some physical problems or limitations but he always treats them as equal partners in his rojects activities.

2 April 2018