Workshops ‘Methods of Testing the Quality of Buildings and Urban Spaces’ – Gliwice, Silesian University of Technology

The workshops initiating cooperation between the Faculty of Architecture of the Silesian University of Technology and the Foundation Laboratory of Architecture 60+ in the field of didactic activities. The partners of this event were also the University of the Third Age in Gliwice and the Student Scientific Circle LAB 60+.
As part of the subject ‘Methods of Testing the Quality of Buildings and Urban Spaces’ for students of the third year of the undergraduate studies in the field of Architecture, it was decided to implement a scientific and didactic project related to the broadly understood space for seniors with the participation of seniors. It was the first such event at the Faculty of Architecture at the Silesian University of Technology. During today’s event there were presentations, discussions, interviews with seniors, brainstorms and a nice atmosphere. The students had the opportunity to confront their opinions about architecture for seniors – with the knowledge, experience and tastes of potential users, or even investors in the seniors’ age. The workshops were supported by the following experts: Sylwia Widzisz-Pronobis and Grzegorz Pronobis – LAB 60+ experts in the field of architecture design and and implementation of various actions related to the participation of users of architectural and urban space. Brygida Gniełka (LAB 60+ expert) also participated in the workshops in the research group.
The Laboratory of Architecture 60+ founded gifts for seniors and refreshments for guests from the University of the Third Age. On the initiative of LAB 60+, the attraction of the workshop was a suit simulating aging process by BLUM, which was tested by students.

12 December 2016