Agnieszka Labus, PhD Eng. Arch. Agnieszka Labus, PhD Eng. Arch.

Agnieszka Labus, PhD Eng. Arch.

Founder and CEO of LAB 60+, Expert in Laboratory of Architecture 60+

Agnieszka LABUS PhD Eng. Arch. – an architect and a spatial planner, an Associate Professor in the Department of Urban and Spatial Planning at the Faculty of Architecture, Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice. An expert in the field of urban renewal in the context of an aging society. She is the first scientist in Poland who has taken a scientific discourse concerning the concept of urban renewal in Europe as a good place for older people in the twenty-first century. This fact helped to develop spatial issues in the first Polish strategic document for the region of Małopolska.

Dr Agnieszka Labus, is a respected and award-winning expert, not only in Poland but also abroad. She actively participates in conferences and seminars, leads lectures and workshops for beneficiaries of local and regional centers in: Poland, Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Serbia, Estonia and Australia. Her work is like a mission for the needs of the growing numbers of older generations.

2 May 2018