Why LAB60+ was founded? · Laboratory Of Architecture 60+ | Space With Perspective 60+ Why LAB60+ was founded? · Laboratory Of Architecture 60+ | Space With Perspective 60+

Why LAB60+ was founded?

LAB60+ was created for the present question about the quality of living of our grandparents and parents, and ourselves in the future. The aim of LAB 60+ is a real impact on urban renewal in the context of an aging population, which is one of the priority challenge in the twenty-first century. It was established also with regard to the modern trends, illustrating that today’s generation of 30+ will be different from today’s generation of 60+ – not only aspirations, lifestyle, but also better mobility.

LAB 60+ was initiated by Agnieszka Labus PhD Eng. Arch., who has been specializing in the issues of revitalization in the context of an aging population for many years . As the first researcher in Poland she has taken a scientific discourse concerning the concept of urban renewal in Europe in the twenty-first century as a good place for older people, that helped to develop spatial issues in Polish first strategic document for the region of Małopolska. Foundation LAB60 + is now developed and co-created by the noted experts of the Faculty of Architecture (the Silesian University of Technology) specializing in the issues of an aging population in various spatial scales.

The idea and the concept of creating a platform for architects, urban planners and designers called the Laboratory of Architecture 60+ (LAB 60+) has been recognized by Polish first start-up academy for women – Girls go start up Academy, implemented by the Foundation for Educational Perspectives and the Association TOP500 Innovators in cooperation with the USA Embassy. The idea of LAB 60+ received substantial support from many experts in the fields of law, development and innovation, as well as the direct support of the mentor Ms. Izabela Paluch – the Chairwoman of Intech PK, which specializes in the management of intellectual property, commercialization of R&D projects results, financing of the innovations and the incubation of spin-off companies

The LAB 60+  was also appreciated by the Polish Cultural Portal “O.pl” as the laureate of the “O 2018” competition in the Architecture category. In the same year, the LAB60 + received an award in the plebiscite Ambassador of “Silesian Brand” 2018.



11 March 2018